Help us Safe the Sea & Vicentine Coast!

Dear Friends of Nature and Sea World,

This is an urgent matter!

Nature Park Costa Vicentina, the whole Algarve, Portugal, needs NOW the help of all of us.

Here the threats at door step or, some already over
  1. Offshore Pertol Exploraton
  2. Onshore Gas Fracking
  3. Massive Greenhouse Cultivation
  4. Crack down 35 houses of beach village Monte Clerigo
I LOVE West Algarve because of its natural beauty its calmnes, essence, simplicity, because it is how it is by itself, its unique qualities also for us human beeings, for all living beeings, intact environment - rare, if not the only one left in Europe.

COME & TAKE A DEEP BREATH - watch, feel & experience with body & soul the refreshing nourishing sea, the stunning cliff line, the overwhelming flora and fauna, aromatic breeze, listen to the birds... Nature Tourism at its best. Preserve what you and us love here. your visit give people a chance to live here,

Links for your information, to sign & spread & get motivated and inspired
Lets to motivate us mutual. Than you so much for that!


VERY WELCOME to contact, to join in and support inniciatives:

Monte Clerigo Beach; 19 July Deadline for public opinion
Vila do Bispo

Thankfull & with compassion, Sofia

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